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Getting a mortgage is one of the most important financial decision you will ever make and it is essential you fully understand your options before you commit.

Need a helping hand to find the mortgage that is right for you?

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Independent with access to the whole market

It is easy to think the whole process gets less stressful over time. In fact, whether you are a home buyer with little or no previous experience or a savvy property investor reforming your existing property portfolio, your property buying experience is going to be solely dependant on the overall complexity of the transaction.
With our expertise, you will spot difficult factors early enough in the process.
It is our focus to guide you through intricate and confusing decisions.  

Not only do we work with the high street lenders and regional building societies but also the specialist mortgage lenders, not found on the high street.
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Your dreams,

 our passion  & expertise 

We believe that goals are dreams with deadlines. We will learn about your circumstances before narrowing down your mortgage options. We will consider your present expectations as well as your future plans before we present you with the complete solution. Whether you are looking for a quick funding solution for a refurbishment, purchase at auction or a straight forward capital raise, you can be confident in our offering. 

Our promise is to cover any questions you may have and to give you a comprehensive understanding of rates and lenders fees.
Most importantly, we will listen to you and we won't make assumptions.  

​To complement the process,
True Solution has access to market-leading conveyancing services, with no charge for the solicitors time if the transaction doesn’t complete. For more information please get in touch.
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